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Our Cavendish Williams organic banana is characterized by a sweet taste, a nice aroma and its high content in minerals and fiber, it is also non-fat and includes beta carotene and group B and C vitamins. Bananas are one of the most consumed fruits in the world due to its high health benefits, good taste and because it can be consumed in many different ways.

Data Sheet

Trade Name: Organic Banana (Refrigerated)
Tariff Heading: 0803.90.11.00
Tariff Description: Bananas or fresh Plantais of the “Cavandish Valery” Type
Type of fruit: Premium organic fruit
Certifications: Organic Eu, NOP, JAS, Global Gap, Korea
Variety Type: Banana Cavendish Williams
Production Area: Alto Piura, Piura, North Coast Peru
Packaging: Boxes of different sizes, from traditional of 18, 14Kg. to boxes to show. Various types of plastic bags for clusters and Stickers.
Organoleptic: Color at ripening – Bright Yellow
Characteristics: Smell – Characteristic of the tropical dry zone
Flavor – Very sweet, intense and perfumed
Traceability: Through the use of the fruit label and palettes with farm code, week and day of packaging.
Shipment: Paletized reefer container
Harvest Period: Weekly, all year
Export markets: USA, Europe, Japan and Korea



As part of a responsible and efficient use of water management, Ana Banana uses a micro sprinkler irrigation system, delivering the necessary amount to the field in the entire plantation.

Sustainable Bio Fertilization

Despite being in an area that is characterized by having a highly fertile soil, we do not stop taking advantage of organic resources, thus developing our own fertilizers, such as crop residues, animal inputs from our farm, earthworm humus, bioles , bio ferments, among others.

Organized work management

Each task has a person responsible and in turn, a group of people highly qualified to perform this task in the most efficient and timely manner, giving as a result a better quality of fruit and a greater yield in production.

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